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International Conference on Algebra 2019, SUSTech

From February 20th to 25th, 2019, the International Algebra Conference was successfully held at the lecture room of Mathematics Department by SUSTech International Center for Mathematics. The main organizer of the conference is Fields Medalist, Efim Zelmanov. Prof. Zelmanov is a member of the US Academy of Sciences, and the Rita L. Atkinson Chair in Mathematics at UC San Diego. This conference attracted about 30 experts and scholars abroad. They delivered 25 excellent academic speeches on the state-of-the-art on algebra. 

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Group Photo

On the morning of February 21th, Prof. Tao Tang, Vice President of SUSTech, and Prof. Zelmanov, made the opening remarks and show warmest welcome to the participants in the opening ceremony. And Prof. Tang gave the participants an overview of the center and elaborated on its future development.

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     Opening Remarks by Prof. Tang

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Welcome Address by Prof. Zelmanov

The conference lasted for four days, focusing on the frontier issues of algebra. Each participant took an active part in the discussion and shared great ideas with each other, which helped them learn more about new theories and methods on Algebra.


Excellent Report of Chinese and Foreign Scholars

The success of this conference made a good beginning for the development of Math Center. Mathematical experts and scholars from all over the world indicated that the conference had a world-class academic level and provided a good platform for them to exchange from each other.