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Modeling, Applied Analysis and Computation of Fluids
Oct 12,2019 - Oct 14,2019


This workshop attempts to have people working in the three aspects of fluids, interpreted in the general sense including complex fluids and multiphase flows, namely modeling, applied analysis and computation, to get together to exchange ideas and to explore possible new research directions.

The list of Invited Speakers:

Zhenning Cai, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Juan Cheng, IAPCM, China

Francis Filbet, Université de Toulouse, France

Guanghui Hu, University of Macau, China

Yan Jiang, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Shi Jin, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Ming-Chih Lai, National Chiao Tung University, China

Jinkai Li, South China Normal University, China

Ruo Li, Perking University, China

Hisashi Okamoto, Gakushuin University, Japan

Tiezheng Qian, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Zhonghua Qiao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Jianxian Qiu, Xiamen University, China

Weiqing Ren, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Huazhong Tang, Perking University, China

Xiaoping Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Zhouping Xin, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Tao Xiong, Xiamen University, China

Xuejun Xu, Tongji University, China

Yan Xu, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Shuhai Zhang, China Aerodynamic Research and Development Center, China

Xinghui Zhong, Zhejiang University, China

Organizing Committee:

Chi-Wang Shu, Brown University, USA

Xiaoming Wang, SUSTech, China

Jiang Yang, SUSTech, China


Yue Ge, SUSTech, China, gey@mail.sustech.edu.cn
Jianan Yan, SUSTech,China, yanjn@mail.sustech.edu.cn

Accommodation: SUSTech Guest House