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Stavros Garoufalidis
Research interest: low dimensional topology, geometry and mathematical physics

Educational Background:

  Ph.D.  Math, Bonn University, Germany  2010

  M.S.   Physics, Australian National University, Australia  2003

  B.S.    Physics, Australian National University, Australia  2001

Working Experience:

  2017-2018 Technion, Haifa, Israel

  2003-2019  Georgia Institute of Technology        Professor

  2001-2002  Georgia Institute of Technology        Associate Professor

  2001-2002  University of Warwick                        Lecturer

  1999-2000  Georgia Institute of Technology        Assistant Professor

  1998-1999  Harvard University                            Assistant Professor

  1997-1999  Brandeis University                           Assistant Professor

  1996-1997  Harvard University                            Assistant Professor

  1995-1996  Brown University                              Tamarkin Instructor,

  1993-1995  MIT                                                   CLE Moore Instructor

  1992-1991  MSRI                                                Member 

Honors and Awards:

◆ 2013  John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship 

◆ 2014  Simons Foundation Fellow 

◆ 2000  American Mathematical Centennial Fellowship 

◆ 1992  Alfred Sloan Dissertation Fellowship 

◆ 1988  Franz and Gertrude Meyer Prize for excellence in the Master’s Oral Examination, University of Chicago 

◆ 1983  Bronze Medal and Special Solution Award in the 24th International Mathematical Olympiad, Paris 

◆ 1983  Gold Medal in the National Competition of the Hellenic Academic Society 

 1982  Silver Medal in the National Competition of the Hellenic Academic Society 

12 Selected Publications:

Quantum modularity and complex Chern-Simons theory, (with T. Dimofte), Commun. Number Theory Phys., 12 (2018) 1–52.

The colored HOMFLY-PT polynomial is q-holonomic, (with A. Lauda and T.T.Q. Le), Duke Math. J., 167 (2018) 397–447.

A survey of q-holonomic functions, (with T.T.Q. Le), L’ Enseignement Mathematique, 62 (2) (2016) 501–525.

Constructing 1-cusped isospectral non-isometric hyperbolic 3-manifolds, (with A. Reid), J. of Topology and Analysis, 10 (2018) 1–25.

Quadratic integer programming and the slope conjecture, (with R. van der Veen), New York J. Math. 22 (2016) 907–932.

The3D-indexandnormalsurfaces,(withC.Hodgson,N.HoffmanandH.Rubinstein), Illinois J. of Mathematics, 60 (2016) 289–353.

Knots, BPS states, and algebraic curves, (with P. Kucharski, and P. Sułkowski), Commun. Math Physics, 346 (2016) 75–113.

The 3D-index of an ideal triangulation and angle structures, Ramanujan J. 40 (2016), 573–604.

A stability conjecture for the colored Jones polynomial, (with T. Vuong), Topology Proc. 49 (2017), 211–249.

Acensusoftetrahedralhyperbolicmanifolds,(withE.Fominykh,M.Goerner,V.Tarkaev and A. Vesnin), Experimental Math. 25 (2016) 466–481.

Exactcomputationofthen-loopinvariantsofknots,(WithE.SaboandS.Scott),Experimental Math. 25 (2016) 125–129.

Evaluation of state integrals at rational points, (with R. Kashaev), Commun. Number Theory Phys. 9 (2015) no. 3, 549–582.