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Modeling, Applied Analysis and Computation of Fluids

From October 12 to 14, 2019, "Academic Seminar on Modeling, Analysis and Computation in Fluids" was successfully held in the International Center for Mathematice. The conference was jointly organized by Professor Shu Chi-wang of Brown University, Professor Wang Xiaoming, Chair of the Department of Mathematics at Southern University of Science and Technology, and Associate Professor Yang Jiang, and hosted by the International Center for Mathematics. The symposium, which attracted 22 experts and scholars from home and abroad, provided a broad interpretation of complex fluids and multiphase flows, i.e., modeling, applied analysis and computation, and presented a fascinating academic presentation on exploring possible new research directions.


 On the morning of October 12, Prof. Shu Chi-wang from Brown University gave the opening speech, warmly welcoming the participants to the conference.



The three-day conference focused on analyzing and exploring new research directions on the frontiers of modeling, applied analysis and computing, with 22 experts and scholars presenting fascinating presentations on the current state and content of professional research. Each participant was actively involved, discussing and learning from each other, drawing from the presentations and discussions, which provided a stronger impetus for the exploration and development of the future of the profession.



The symposium was unanimously praised by the participants, providing a platform for experts and scholars to exchange and explore, and playing a positive role in promoting research and development in related fields, so as to pick up the fire of the people, burn the common light, bring the strength of the people, and explore our future.