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Mini-courses schedule

Location: Lecture Hall(240A), Second Floor, Taizhou Hall


Dates Name Course
March 4-8 Jennifer Ryan Filtering and Multiresolution Analysis
March 11-14 Maria Han Veiga Machine Learning Techniques in Numerical Solvers
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March 11-14 Christian Klingenberg Hyperbolic Equations: Structure Preserving Numerical Methods and Other Topics
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March 11-14 Matteo Semplice High-Order Reconstructions
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March 20-22 Giovanni Russo IMEX Methods for System of PDS's
March 25-29 Igor Menshov Some Recent Achievements in Godunov-Type Methods
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April 7-11 Guoxian Chen Structure-Preserving Numerical Methods for Shallow Water Equations
April 15-18 Wai Sun Don A Personal Journey in the World of WENO
April 22-24 Cristóbal Castro Practical Implementation of Numerical Methods
April 24-26 Raphaël Loubere Bridging Lagrangian and Eulerian Multi-Dimensional Finite Volumes Schemes for General Systems of PDEs
April 28-April 30 Yan Xu High-order discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic balance laws
May 6-10 Eleuterio Toro Shallow Water Models: Equations, Properties, Exact Solutions and Basic Methods
May 14-18 David Ketcheson Analysis and Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Systems with Rapidly-Varying Coefficients
May 20-24 Maria Lukacova Structure-Preserving Schemes for the Euler Equations of Gas Dynamics: Analysis and Simulations
May 20-24 Vladimir Zeitlin Lagrangian Theory of Nonlinear Gravity Waves in Shallow-Water and Related Models
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May 27-31 Zhengfu Xu Review of Flux Limiters for High Order Methods Solving Conservation Laws
May 27-31 Eleuterio Toro Shallow Water Models: Advanced Computational Algorithms and Applications


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